Food as Medicine Europe: Agenda

The last few years has seen a renewed focus on the role of nutrition in healthcare and consumer demand for healthy, transparent food choices. Food as medicine –  or rather, ‘better-for-you’ options that serve a purpose for health, lifestyle and wellbeing – holds the promise of a new pillar of healthcare and the potential to revolutionise the consumer health and F&B industries, yet foundational questions need to be addressed for this movement to thrive.

The Food as Medicine Summit: Europe will bring together the key stakeholders and thought-leaders laying the groundwork for significant, sustainable changes to our healthcare and food systems. Uniting change-makers from across the movement, including personalised nutrition, functional foods, microbiome, culinary medicine and more; this Summit will provide the meeting point for crucial conversations, ideas sharing, connections and learning.  And as more and more turn their attention to the potentially transformative power of food, the time for this meeting is now.

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Conference Day 1

  • Wednesday, January 26th 2022
Wednesday, January 26th 2022
8:00am GMT

Conference Platform Opens

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9:00am GMT

Chair’s Opening Remarks & Setting the Scene

Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer, Happ

9:10am GMT

Keynote Presentation: The True Health Potential of Food as Medicine

Hear from the pioneer of the UK’s lifestyle medicine movement and the world’s number 1 most influential doctor in influencing obesity thinking, as Dr. Malhotra opens the Food as Medicine Summit: Europe.

Dr. Malhotra will explore how modern diets are influencing health, how over-diagnosis and over-treatment is the biggest threat to our healthcare system and how we can begin to address this, along with touching on his current work, including the campaign against excess sugar consumption.

Aseem Malhotra, Consultant Cardiologist | Advisor, NHS & Harley Street Roc Private | National Obesity Forum

9:35am GMT

Wellness Break

9:40am GMT

Keynote Panel Discussion: Food as Medicine: The Solution to our Broken Food and Healthcare Systems? 

As health, wellbeing, transparency and sustainability become increasingly important in our society, it is no surprise that an ever-growing number of stakeholders in the healthcare and food industries are turning to “Food for Health” and “Better-for-you” approaches. But with so many different players innovating in different niches and different locations across Europe, it is vital we first come together to define the “Food as Medicine” landscape and set the stage for the rest of the Summit.

  • Terms like “Food as Medicine”, “Food for Health” and “Better-for-you” have become more common in healthcare and the F&B industry over recent years. What do they all mean and are we all working towards the same goal?
  • What emerging trends have we seen in these areas over the last 5 years and what have been the main driving forces behind these, such as the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • What are the main challenges in Food as Medicine we need to address in order for this movement to progress, and what are the unique challenges for each stakeholder working in this space?
  • How can Food as Medicine approaches begin to tackle some of the issues with our food and healthcare systems, and what is the role of each stakeholder in assisting with this?
  • How can multistakeholder, collaborative pan-European conversations help drive this movement forward?

Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer, Happ

Lucy Jones, VP, Clinical, Oviva

Aseem Malhotra, Consultant Cardiologist | Advisor, NHS & Harley Street Roc Private | National Obesity Forum

Ryan Carvalho, Chief Medical Officer, Nestle Nutrition

10:30am GMT

Morning Extended Wellness Break and Speed Networking

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Food as Medicine for Patients and Consumers

11:10am GMT

Presentation: Personalisation, the Next Big Opportunity in Nutrition

In this presentation, Rick Miller will explore why the trend for personalisation in food, drink and specialised health products is growing so dramatically. Mintel’s expert will draw from current examples in the marketplace to understand how personalisation currently fits into 4 main categories and will explore where smart devices support the rich data available to tailor products further to the consumer. The session will close out with an analysis of what the future looks like, diving into the challenges that the category faces in order to grow and reach the mass market.

Rick Miller, Food & Drink Associate Director for Specialised Nutrition, Mintel
11:35am GMT

Wellness Break

11:40am GMT

Presentation: Presentation from the British Dietetic Association

Linia Patel, Spokesperson, British Dietetic Association


Wellness Break

12:10pm GMT

Presentation: Improving the Communication of Scientific Health Claims on Food Packages

  • Learn about Health Claims Unpacked, a project with the aim to develop a ‘prosumerist’ digital platform (informed by research in linguistics, nutrition science, behavioural economics and information design), and to develop empirically-based guidelines for how to communicate health claims more effectively
  • Across the EU, health claims must be expressed in multiple languages and meet the needs of consumers in different food cultures – explore how Health Claims Unpacked is working to make this easier by working with manufacturers, retailers, NGOs and food start-ups across Europe
  • A look at the partners involved in the Health Claims Unpacked project, including Maspex, the Technical University of Munich, the British Nutrition Foundation and Foodmaestro

Rodney Jones, Principal Investigator | Professor of Sociolinguistics, Health Claims Unpacked | University of Reading

12:35pm GMT

Wellness Break

12:40pm GMT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – How Can We Ensure the Credibility of Food as Medicine?

The number of sources and pure volume of information on diet and health can be overwhelming, with the patient or consumer faced with the daunting task of sorting through the noise. This panel discussion will focus on busting myths and generalisations in Food as Medicine, key considerations for conveying information and the best way to proceed to ensure the credibility of the field.

  • What are the main issues with information dissemination and credibility in this field and what are the main sources of nutritional information for consumers and patients?
  • Does natural always mean healthy, and are we wrong to vilify all ultra processed foods?
  • How important is nutrition labelling in improving nutrition literacy, and what key improvements are being made in labelling?
  • How important is nutrition education and what key progress is being made here?
  • How do we get nutrition information and education more integrated in society and healthcare?

Rodney Jones, Principal Investigator | Professor of Sociolinguistics, Health Claims Unpacked | University of Reading

Sowrya Kilaru, Nutrition Lead Europe, Unilever

David Eisenberg, Director of Culinary Nutrition/ Founding Executive Director, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health/ Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

Taylor Newman, Nutrition Program Development Manager ,Kroger

Kathryn Duff, Non Executive Director, British Dietetic Association

1:25pm GMT


2:00pm GMT

Presentation: The Global Reach of Teaching Kitchens and Impact Across Food as Medicine

David Eisenberg, Director of Culinary Nutrition/ Founding Executive Director, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health/ Teaching Kitchen Collaborative plus colleagues of the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative

2:30pm GMT

Wellness Break

2:35pm GMT

Presentation: The Impact of Food and Nutrition on Gut Health and Allergy

  • Explore the impact of early gut microbial colonization on health in early life
  • Discuss the role of nutritional intervention strategies in prevention and management of non-communicable diseases such as allergy
  • Learn about new concepts in nutrition on the management of diseases

Udo Herz, Associate Professor for Immunology and Laboratory Medicine| Global Industry, Medical and Science Director | President of Specialized Nutrition (SNE), Philipp’s University of Marburg & Giessen | Danone Nutricia Specialized Nutrition

3:00pm GMT

Wellness Break

Personalised & Sustainable Nutrition

3:05pm GMT

Presentation: Fostering Change Towards Healthier and More Sustainable Lifestyles

Chris Hobbs is a 53-year-old male from East Yorkshire. He joined the Diabetes Remission programme after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. His capacity to exercise was restricted by his weight and he often felt a lack of energy, feeling exhausted regularly.

“I’ve managed to reduce my diabetes medications”

“I can cycle up hills now, something I haven’t been able to do in 10 years”

Chris started the 12-month programme in April 2021 and after just 5 months, his HbA1c levels went from 50 to 38 mmol/mol. Chris’ weight at his diabetes diagnosis was 127kg and now, after 9 months of being on the programme, his weight has reduced to 98kg. His cholesterol average has significantly improved and his blood pressure has dropped to a healthy level. Chris’ huge weight loss has made a massive change in his ability to exercise. His monthly goals are 60 miles walking & 120 miles cycling which he always manages to achieve!

“I’d never had such rapid weight loss before, so suddenly after a few weeks all of my XXL wardrobe didn’t fit me anymore!”

Lucy Jones, VP, Clinical, Oviva

Keren Miller, Clinical Lead Dietitian for Diabetes and Diabetes Remission, Oviva

Chris Hobbs, User of Oviva’s Diabetes Remission programme

3:35pm GMT

Extended Wellness Break

4:00pm GMT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – Food: Medicine for the Individual and Medicine for the Planet?

Planet health and human health are inextricably intertwined, and demand for both nutritious and sustainable solutions is on the rise. And with plant-based diets garnering worldwide attention as an answer to our biggest health and environmental concerns, it’s no wonder that some of the biggest innovations in Food as Medicine also fit the meat-free bill. Join this diverse discussion, featuring both the most notable names and newest additions, to have all your plant-based questions answered and hear how food could really be the answer to the globe’s biggest problems.

  • Can we, and should we, separate personal health from planet health, and what is the best way to serve both goals?
  • What role do plant-based foods play in human health and public health and how do they compare to their meat analogues in terms of nutrition?
  • How do you make nutrition information relevant to consumers and facilitate sustainable changes in behaviour?
  • What gaps in the evidence exist around the nutritional content and health impacts of meat and plant-based diets?
  • What other steps do we need to take to make food better for ourselves and for the planet?

Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Advisor, Quorn Foods

Sue Klapholz, VP, Nutrition, Health & Food Safety, Impossible Foods

Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer, Happ


5:00pm GMT

Close of Day 1 of the Food as Medicine Summit | Europe

Download the agenda here

Conference Day 2

  • Thursday, January 27th 2022
Thursday, January 27th 2022
8:00am GMT

Conference Platform Opens

9:00am GMT

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer, Happ

Changing Behaviour

9:05am GMT

Personalized Lifestyle as Disease Cure – The Approach from the Dutch Lifestyle4Health Innovation Center

  • Explaining the Dutch Lifestyle4Health initiative and our vision and mission with respect to Lifestyle as Medicine
  • Recognize that persons may respond differently (or may not respond) to lifestyle interventions depending on the diabetic subtype
  • Discuss how remission of type 2 diabetes via a personalized lifestyle treatment can be a practical target for professionals in primary care with long-term effects and high percentages of diabetes remission

Suzan Wopereis, Principal Investigator of the Systems Biology Research Group, TNO

9:35am GMT

Wellness Break

9:40am GMT

Panel Discussion: How Do We Encourage Sustainable Behaviour Change in Consumers?

Changing behaviour is arguably the biggest challenge in Food as Medicine, and undoubtedly essential to improving overall population health and improving our healthcare and food systems. Join experts from across academia, healthcare, food production and retail to deep-dive into the biggest innovations and key considerations for facilitating sustainable behaviour change.

  • How have consumer demands changed over recent years and how have we seen the F&B and healthcare industries respond?
  • What are the key considerations and obstacles when approaching behaviour change in Europe and what are the best practices to facilitate sustainable changes in consumers?
  • Are personalisation and digital support the key to changing behaviour?
  • What role do major influencers, such as large consumer brands, retailers and insurers, have in shifting consumers to healthier behaviours?
  • What impact would increased consumer adoption of Food as Medicine practices have on policy?

Julie Willems, Global Director Nutrition – Foods & Standard, Unilever

Robert Jan Koens, Manager, Foodcoach,Jumbo

Jo Hale, Senior Research Associate, UCL Center for Behaviour Change

Suzan Wopereis, Principal Investigator of the Systems Biology Research Group, TNO

Lucy Jones, VP, Clinical, Oviva

10:25am GMT

Extended Wellness Break

Bite-Size Talks

10:35am GMT

Presentation: Protein-Enriched Products to Reduce Malnutrition in Hospitals

  • Explore Carezzo’s protein enriched food and beverages, developed to tackle malnutrition and illness
  • Learn how Carezzo was developed in collaboration with Wageningen University and Hospital Gelderse Vallei, and has been researched in target groups such as hospitals and nursing home
  • Discussion will touch on the scientific studies showing that more than 70% of elderly patients successfully achieved protein intake targets with these products

Fred Bergmans, Co-Founder & Entrepreneur, Carezzo Nutrition

10:55am GMT

Wellness Break

11:00am GMT

Presentation: Using Food as a Toolkit for Staying Healthy

  • Explore Superfied, a self-care platform for feeling your best, that wants to help everyone become self-sufficient in their everyday wellbeing
  • A look at the research in Ayurveda and Nutritional Therapy that lay the groundwork for Superfied, and how this old and new knowledge has been used to create simplified, personalised resources for everyone to eat a bit better every day
  • Discussion will also touch on the 3 Kinds at Superfied: Kind to Us, Kind to Society and Kind to the Planet

Sandy Purewal, CEO, Superfied

11:20am GMT

Wellness Break

11:25am GMT

Presentation: Making Gut Health Accessible to Everyone, Not Just the ‘Wellbeing Aware’

  • Explore how The Gut Stuff has made it its mission to educate people of all ages and backgrounds about the importance of a healthy gut and gut microbiome
  • Discuss how the company uses education alongside accessible, nutritious products that consumers can easily incorporate into their daily routines
  • A look at how The Gut Stuff is building a suite of gut-loving products, and how, with the help of their scientific advisors, the team will continue to support their community in understanding and accessing products and practices to support their guts

Lisa Macfarlane, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Gut Stuff

Alana Macfarlane-Kempner, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, The Gut Stuff

11:45am GMT

Wellness Break

11:50am GMT

Presentation:  A Pilot Program for GPs and Diabetes Management

Divya Gautam, CEO, Happ

12:10pm GMT

Extended Wellness Break

12:30pm GMT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A: How Can We Grow Food as Medicine on a European and Global Scale?

After 2 days of discussions, join thought-leaders from key sectors in this emerging movement to tackle the crucial questions deciding the future of Food as Medicine – discuss where we should be focusing our efforts, and how we should be working together, to progress Food as Medicine into the mainstream as the next big pillar of healthcare and the F&B industry.

  • How do we need to work together to advance the Food as Medicine movement?
  • What are the next steps we need to focus on to improve our food and healthcare systems through Food as Medicine, including sustainable dietary shifts, changing policy, and getting Food as Medicine interventions reimbursed?
  • What kind of partnerships do we need to develop, and how can we shake up both the European and global ecosystems to move away from innovation silos and increase collaboration?
  • How could Food as Medicine approaches begin to address global issues outside of Europe and how can we make sure that no one gets left behind?
  • With so many major developments on the horizon, what can we expect to be discussing at the Food as Medicine Summit 2023?

Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of Innovation Accelerator, United Nations World Food Programme

Simon Billing, Executive Director, Eating Better

Nard Clabbers, Chief Science Officer, Happ

Rick Miller, Food & Drink Associate Director for Specialised Nutrition, Mintel

Elsie Nix, MD, Netherlands

1:20pm GMT

Close of the Food as Medicine Summit | Europe

Download the agenda here